Claim Management and its Advisory Services

  1. Claim Management

Along with the Contract Management, complementary Claim Management is also, a very important element. A Claim can be made by one contracting party to the other on the basis of contractual obligations and rights. The Claim Management shall facilitate that project goals can be achieved or exceeded in terms of completion of the Contract within Budget and its Completion Period.

  1. Claim Advisory Services

If there any Claim perceives by any contracting party, Creativity shall undertake and perform an efficient assessment and submit a report about authenticity, legality and potentiality for soliciting the Claim request.

  1. Competence of Creativity for Managing the Claims

The expert and well experienced legal and contract team of Creativity is well versed in all the renowned international and national Contracts and Conditions (Ref. above Contract Management), therefore, our team can efficiently manage all type of Contracts’ Claims efficiently.

  1. Criteria for the Claim Management and its Advisory Services
  1. Our experts shall assess the Claims’ nature, authenticity in respect of its legality and viability in compliance with the Contract and other related Project Documents.
  2. Perform Due Diligence of the Contracts and other Project’s Documents to identify the relevant justifications in accordance with Contracts and other Project Documents as the basis for filing the Claims.
  3. Prepares Due Diligence Report about the possibility and authenticity for filing the Claim Request and the chances of its success.
  4. Presentation and negotiation of the Claim for resolution and its settlement.