Construction Manager

The Scope of Construction Manager (CM) is the combined services of the Project Management Consultant (PMC) and the Construction Supervision Consultant (CSC). Creativity Paths is possessing all the required competence to undertake and successfully complete the Services of the CM. Some of the notable salient objectives of our CM services are:

  1. Project Management & Administration

In this category, the following are the salient objectives of our services:

  1. Mobilization and Demobilization of the Functional Stakeholders.
  2. Construction Phasing & Sequencing.
  3. Construction Staging and Laydown.
  4. Enabling and Preparatory Works.
  5. Emergency Response.
  6. Safety and Security.
  7. Logistics and Quality Control.
  1. Construction Management Services

In Construction Management, the core elements are but not limited to the following:

  1. Contracts’ Management.
  2. Planning and Scheduling.
  3. Quantity Surveying.
  4. Surveying.
  5. Project Control.
  6. Production Control.
  7. Inspection, Quality and Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs) Control.
  8. Costs, Claims and Payment to the Contractors and Consultants.
  9. Materials’ Testing, Factory Witness Tests and Testing during Services.
  10. Preliminary and Final Taking Over of the Completed works.
  11. Operation & Maintenance (O&M)/Defect Liability Period.
  1. Technical and Engineering Services
  1. Advance Planning.
  2. Pre-Construction Engineering.
  3. Engineering during Construction.
  4. Check-out and Testing.
  5. Technical Support.