Construction Supervision

Creativity Paths firmly assured its valued Clients that it shall diligently undertake and complete Construction Supervision Consultancy (CSC) Services of any project of its commencement, execution and completion project on time, within budget, with the required quality and as per the approved specifications and implementation of all the measures of HS&E.

The core elements of CSC Services by Creativity Paths shall be but not limited to the following:

  1. Deployment of experienced and competent staff.
  2. Ensure efficient mobilization and performance of Contractor, Subcontractor(s) and Suppliers.
  3. Orderly commencement and completion of all the construction activities.
  4. Administration of Contracts to orderly accomplish all the contractual rights and obligations.
  5. Ensure correctly and timely processing of the Contractor’s Progress Billings.
  6. Timely completion of Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs).
  7. Efficiently carry-out Testing & Commissioning (T&C).
  8. Timely Completion of Project and orderly Close-out of the Contract.