Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E)

“Safety is never an Accident; it is always the result of efficient implementation of perfect and complete knowledge with dedicated and intelligent Efforts.”

Creativity Paths is providing Health, Safety and Environment’s (HS&E) Services in formulation of HS&E, Implementation of HS&E’s Measures & Regulations at the Project Site and HS&E Training for the Project Personnel.

  1. Devising of HS&E

Creativity Paths shall undertake to devise HS&E in all areas of HS&E and the core elements are but not limited to the following:

  1. Public Safety and Fire Prevention.
  2. Fire Alarm and Smoke Control Systems.
  3. Safety and Fire Hazardous and Escape Routes Systems.
  4. Firefighting Systems.
  1. Implementation of HS&E’s Measures & Regulations
  1. The prime aims of Creativity Paths about implementation of HS&E’s Measures and Regulations are:
  • To eliminate hazardous work practices and conditions from the working and living areas of the projects.
  • Ensure all the responsible stakeholders at the Project Site implementation of all the required Measures and Regulations of HS&E.
  1. As a Third Party, Creativity Paths shall perform inspection of Project Sites to ensure effective implementation of all the required HS&E’s standard policies and procedures:
  • Review to ensure that the Stakeholders HS&E Programs are in accordance to the “Project Safety Manual”.
  • Make sure all the responsible stakeholders (contractors and consultants) efficiently practicing all the required HS&E’s regulations at the worksite and living areas.
  • Carry-out inspections to monitor that all the stakeholders are performing their activities in compliance with the required HS&E’s laws, regulations and standards.
  • Scrutinize that all the Project site’s activities are being carried-out in a manner to avoid the risk of bodily harm to persons or risk of damage to any property.
  • Prepare and submit the Project Site HS&E Evaluation Report with the list of all shortcomings and recommendations for their elimination for safe and secured operation of the Site.