Project Procedures and Plans

The Project Procedures are sequential Plan of Actions that all stakeholders of the project should follow to carry out their tasks in orderly manner. They shall enable to prevent controversy in decision-making, and helps to decrease mismanagements.

  1. Purpose and Importance of the Project Procedures

The core purpose and importance of the Project Procedures are but not limited to the following:

  1. Actions for creation, review, approval and implementation of all the Project Documents.
  2. All the Project Stakeholders’ performance’s review, rectification actions (as deemed necessary) and acceptance.
  3. Handling project issues, defects and quality/scope change requests.
  4. Security of project assets and confidentiality of project information.
  5. Comprehensive and correct Project Procedures shall enable to avoid the following:
    1. Errors, omissions, delay in submittals, their review and approval.
    2. Cost overruns, quality, rework and risk factors.
    3. Abiding to laws, rules and regulations.
  1. Proposed Project Procedures and Plans by Creativity

We shall draft clear and complete all the required Project Procedure to our valued clients for their projects and notable Sections of the Procedures are:

  1. Project Control Procedure.
  2. Documents’ Control Procedure.
  3. Monthly Progress Billing Procedure.
  4. Cost Procedure.
  5. Engineering and Technical Procedures.
  6. Design Management Procedure.
  7. Reports’ (Daily, Weekly and Monthly) Procedures.
  8. Product Verification Procedure.
  9. Materials’ Inspection Procedure.
  10. Tender Documents and Request for Proposal (RFP) Procedures.
  11. Variation Order Procedure.
  12. Claim Procedure.
  1. Request for Information (RFI) Procedure.
  2. Meetings’ Procedures.
  3. Inspection Request Procedures.
  4. Non-Compliance Report (NCR) Procedure.
  5. Quality Assurance Audit Procedure.
  6. Construction Completion Documents’ Procedure.
  7. Preliminary Handing-over of the Completed Work Procedure.
  8. Final Taking-over of the Completed Work Procedure.
  9. Project Communication Plan.
  10. Project Management Plan.
  11. Project Quality Plan.
  12. Health, Safety and Environment Plan.